Clean Your Car for Less & Better Than Ever!

Summer is here in full force! With lots of places to go and things to do, a messy car can easily be a by-product of all of the fun. Learn how you can get ahead on your car cleaning for less.  Below are some great tips on how to clean out your vehicle on a budget and get great results.

You may be thinking - "I can just pay someone to do it for me." While that is certainly an easy and quick way to get your car cleaned out, there are a few great benefits to doing it yourself.  First, like the old adage goes: “if you want it done right, do it yourself.” By doing it yourself you can ensure you’re not damaging or scratching anything, and that everything is completely clean. Secondly, paying for a professional full detail can be quite expensive so investing in high quality cleaning products and tools is a great alternative. Lastly, the satisfaction of making your car glimmer and smell amazing is unmatched!


  • Declutter! Literally take everything out.

    • Don’t leave a glove box or center council full of stuff. No, everything must go. We think we need extra pens, lip gloss, spare napkins… and then the list never ends and our car is full of stuff again. If you take everything out, when you’re done cleaning, you’ll be twice as selective as to what is really needed. Then, once you’re vehicle is fully cleaned, put back what is really important like an owner’s manual and of course, insurance ID cards.

  • Utilyze FREE car vacuums

    • A new trend among car washes is to offer free vacuums as an added bonus. These are popping up in WNY and are a really great way to vacuum your car for less.

  • Pick up cleaning products to get the job done right

    • Cars are full of unique surfaces from leather to wood. The end goal is to get your car looking brand-new and not damaging anything in the process. Getting the right cleaning products is essential, and can be achieved on a budget! Surprisingly, you can find cleaning products for your car at dollar stores  and discount stores that can last for many uses.

  • Get to work

    • Don’t rush. Enjoy the process of making your car a show-stopper! Cars have lots of tiny crevasses, surfaces and tight spaces so take your time, and use the right materials and tools. Sure, anyone can rush and “git-r-done” quickly.  But simply put, doing it right takes time.

  • Don’t forget to dry it off

    • After all of your hard work, don’t make the rookie mistake of water and soap spots all over your car. Be sure to rinse and dry your car. Use window wash on both sides of the glass after you wash your car. Dry it off with a dry towel that is dust free.