Is your Insurance keeping up with your life?

In just a few years, life can change dramatically. Don’t get caught under-insured. The following topics will help you get up to speed on how your life changes influence your insurance.

Planning any Home Improvements?

If you’re planning or have recently done home improvements, you should contact your insurance agent to update your homeowners policy. For many insurers, home improvements like a new roof or new furnace can give you additional discounts. You may also need to increase your limits on your house or garage.

Recently Married?

Consider adding Supplemental Spousal Liability (SSL) to your auto insurance policy. This provides coverage for an accident with your spouse, while your are driving separate cars. In short, SSL will provide bodily injury liability for your spouse in the event of death or serious injury. Although this might not be a fun honeymoon topic, it is one worth having sometime soon.

Also, don’t forget to add your spouse as a “named insured” to your current policies, along with any new household members. This is also a great time to review your liability limit, and get quote for an umbrella policy. Protect your growing family so you can sleep peacefully.

Baby on the Way?

If you are expecting or recently had a baby, make sure to add them to your insurance policies. You might qualify for discounts!

New Toys?

Toys can mean a lot things -camera, guitar, jewelry, you name it!  But did you know that your homeowners or renters policy has a reduced limit for certain types of personal property under your personal property limit? For instance, your policy might have a personal property limit of $50,000 but you might only have a $1500 limit for jewelry, and a $2500 limit for firearms. It's easy to see how a big purchase can easily be beyond your current limits.

Items that usually need to be “scheduled” separately include bikes, cameras, coins, art, jewelry, instruments, silverware, stamps, golf equipment, and furs. There are many options to get you the coverage your need from updating your policy form, to adding endorsements.

I hope this article has enlightened your thoughts pertaining to your insurance and if nothing else, inspired you to call your agent today to review and update your current insurance policies. As always, I hope to be your insurance agent!