Stormy Weather -What You Need to Know

As the weather has become increasingly unpredictable, storms are no exception. When large storms hit, the excessive rainfall can overburden drain and sewer lines. When the rainwater cannot pass through the lines quick enough, it often causes drains and sewers to back-up.  

Did you know that a standard homeowners policy in NYS does not cover you for water back-up without an additional form?  With New York Central Mutual the form is called Water Back Up and Sump Discharge or Overflow, however the name may vary with other insurance carriers.  

This form covers you for direct physical loss for water that backs up through the sewers or drains. It also covers overflows or discharge from a sump pump. Please note, this is not the same as flood insurance. Flood insurance is intended for damage caused by ground water that is at or above ground level. The Water Back Up form is for water that enters your home from below ground.  

Do you have a finished basement? Is your furnace or hot water tank in your basement? For those without a basement, have you considered the damage a backup could cause to your home? As you can gather, water entering your home through drain and sewer lines can cause serious damage. To learn more about this coverage and available options, contact us today.