Utility Line Coverage

Our recent windstorm caused horrible damage across WNY and power outages for tens of thousands of homes and businesses. You've likely already begun to hear friends and family tell their storm experiences, including their dealings with their utility companies and perhaps even their homeowners insurance company.

Now that we've "weathered the storm," it's a great time to consider power outages. A major misconception is that if your power line is damaged the electric company or insurance company will definitely cover repair expenses. The electric company will repair the power lines at the street, however when the damage is on your property, it is your responsibility to cover the expense as a homeowner. Furthermore, some insurance companies do not offer coverage for utility lines. 

Before you find yourself in this horrible predicament, add Utility Line Coverage to your homeowners policy today. New York Central Mutual began offering Utility Line Coverage also called Service Line in 2017 and it has been hugely popular. It covers sewer lines, power lines, drainage, water lines, steam piping and communication wiring.

If you have any questions regarding this coverage, please contact us and we would be happy to help you.